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PKPM ADVISORY GROUP (PKPM) was founded by Rocco Petrilli (PRIMA BUSINESS SPECIALISTS LLC,) and Dr. Michael Krehl (MTSG Consulting,), as a compliment to their individual business specialties firms, to provide professional, commercial and technical consultation to the global powder metal (PM) industry. Both Krehl and Petrilli enjoyed long-term management careers in the PM global marketplace and are experienced in all aspects of the PM business.

Powder metallurgy (PM) is a long-standing disruptive technology that has significantly impacted the metals manufacturing landscape over the last half century. As a prime example, in the period from 1988 to 2003, the average weight of components in a North American built car/truck grew from 8 to 55 lbs. (3.6 to 25 kg). Advances in powder and net shape processing technology now make the manufacture of key performance components like connecting rods, main bearing caps, high performance transmission gears cost effective, reliable and routine. Processing advances such as MIM (metal injection molding), soft magnetics for automotive electrification and 3D additive manufacturing continue the proliferation of this technology and promise to secure its future.


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Dr. Michael Krehl

After ending his career in in the executive management of the PM industry at the end 2015, Dr. Krehl founded MTSG Consulting to offer his in-depth knowledge of management, technology, strategy development and all aspects of globalization to the value chain of the PM industry. MTSG has helped numerous customers with market and technology information and analyses as well as strategy development. Dr. Michael Krehl is one of the most experienced managers in the field of powder metallurgical components and systems for the automotive industry globally. His leadership experiences in multicultural global companies and his longtime experience in foreign countries enables him to understand international activities. The creation of globalized companies the design of corresponding management structures and the related technology transfers are some of his specialties.
Dr. Krehl holds a MSc. (Dipl.-Ing.) and a PhD (Dr. rer.nat.) in material science both from Stuttgart University and the Max-Planck-Institute of Metals Research Stuttgart/Germany. For decades he held C level and BoD positions mainly in the global PM industry.

Dr. Michael Krehl

Rocco Petrilli

Rocco Petrilli offers unique and powerful know-how to PKPM . The skill set combines a sound PM technical background with extensive process experience at mid and executive levels of general and operations management, project management and broad leadership roles. He has successfully applied his passionate and committed leadership style through C level and BOD permanent and interim positions in various industries.
Mr. Petrilli has navigated a successful 30+ year automotive components business career with an execution- based philosophy fueled by passion and commitment to the principles of planning, formal project management, flawless new product launch, accurate measurement and reporting and single point task accountability. In serving companies from start-up to Fortune 500, he has been part of achieving multiple team victories through creating the proper organizational architecture (right people in the right places) from a foundation made up of the key building blocks of execution. A solid and strong affinity for strategy, innovation and lessons learned based corrective action have been the background for his career.
He holds  BS in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and is a trained consultant in The Predictive Index talent optimization platform.

Rocco Petrilli

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PKPM services its clients in the areas of strategy development/execution, operations, sales, marketing and business development, R&D and talent acquisition and retention. A focused specialty of PKPM is advisory services involves mergers and acquisitions including but not limited to valuation of acquisition targets, planning and execution of due diligence processes and integration of the newly acquired enterprise. 



The PM industry, like many global manufacturing businesses, is challenged with the shortage of WISDOMTM or the combined knowledge and experience required to quickly solve complex problems. Additionally, PM has always suffered from the absence of any real university-based curriculum that provides a ready source for its new talent. This absence has created a perpetual recycle of top industry human capacity to satisfy (temporarily) these growing company needs.

Given the retirement of many of the industry pioneers, the availability of true business and technology specialists for consultation has also diminished. PKPM serves the PM industry with its unmatched WISDOMTM and the ability to lead, solve or compliment any PM related endeavor.

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